A few words about this remarkable course from  Aryacitta:

We meet up in the room around the back. As you get to the back door we're usually the room on the left. There'll be signs all around the place for the first few weeks. The course kicks off fairly informally - I'll introduce myself and aspects of the course and then we all have an opportunity to talk about any particular interest or difficulty we have about rating or understanding Buddhism or even "religion". (After all is Buddhism a religion or is it "science"?) This may shape some aspects of the course if necessary.

The first night I talk about the life of the Buddha and his enlightenment. Why did he bother? What was his problem? What is enlightenment after all; enlightened about what? What's so special about it and why do Buddhists run after it?

The evening rounds off with a short meditation - what is the point of it? Is it just relaxation and if so how will it help me get enlightened? Basically I will introduce you to the Mindfulness meditation and the meditation on the emotions called the "Metta Bhavana" The meditation sessions increase in length as the course goes on but only by five minutes or so.
It would be good if you can make all five Wednesdays as we work on and build up on the classes to get the "overview" but I know it's not always possible and I can attempt to repeat important points that people may have missed out on if necessary. Like the publicity says we will cover Buddhist ethics and its crucial importance in relation to enlightenment, Karma and it's relation to enlightenment, and how we can recognise misunderstandings and delusions about life and how to learn from it. What self destructive habits we can often pick up and how to work to develop a more healthy approach. In dealing with this subject we will be using a remarkable Buddhist "visual aid" called the "Tibetan Wheel of Life".
I don't charge for the class but I do leave a bowl near the exit door. In passing I may mention it before the end of the class - after all I have to pay a lot of money to rent Balmoral Community's room even if its for only two hours a week! I won't stand in your way if you can't afford to put anything into it, I won't even make a note of it - it's just about being slightly generous. Not to the extent that you can't afford to feed yourself or your family - just a little generosity goes a very long way.

Balmoral Community Centre Salisbury Avenue Westcliff SS0 7AU